NEW! FORBIDDEN Necklace - Green - Limited Edition $119.00 $140.00
Green luxury in the garden of Eden! This sexy necklace features a vivid green chain with gold or silver details. Let the leash run long and free for a playful game of seduction or let it be the most glamorous fashion necklace you will ever wear. Wraps magically around your belly too. Length Woman:  97 cm / 38.19" Length Man: 107 cm / 42.13" Models are wearing: 97 cm O Ring: 4 cm / 1,57"  Light weight but very resistant Handmade with high end Made in Italy chains and metal hardware Materials: light alloy and sturdy aluminium, zamak metal - Nickel Free
DELUXE Body Chain Belt $221.00 $314.00
PREORDER ONLY / 4 weeks processing time This glimmering and domineering body chain is for women who love to stand out for their individuality and strong fashion forward style. Handmade and composed by a multi-chain braided belt with a detachable harness. Multi-wear: wear the belt alone or with harness Belt Adjustable: 90 to 100 cm // 35.43" to 39.37 Designed with high-end Made in Italy chain with shimmering mirror finish Very strong and resistant Materials: strong aluminium, light alloy, zamak - nickel free.
SNAKE Necklace $129.00 $151.00
Wear the snake around your neck! This powerful chunky lariat is hand-crafted with a glimmering braided chain. The snake tail passes trough a loop and runs down your décolleté. This captivating necklace has an elegant futuristic design with a finishing organic effect, like metallic snake scales. This empowering necklace is for women who love to get noticed for their individuality and uncompromising fashion forward statement.   One size: ca. 66 cm / 25.98" length Materials: light alloy, aluminium - Nickel Free
COMET Earrings - Gold & Silver $73.00 $86.00
Sexy waterfall earrings... like tails of a comet... "Comet" Earrings feature a fringed gold & silver chain with mirror finish attached to a Swarovski silver crystal stud posts. Long and sophisticated design for the ultimate runway look...  Earrings Length: 14 cm / 5.51"  For Pierced Ears  Swarovski Stud  Surgical Steel Posts  Nichel & Lead Free  
FAME Bracelet $97.00
This timeless and elegant fringe bracelet is hand-crafted with a chain of link built hammered ovals. Features a sexy dangling chain tassel. Full of movement, the beautiful fringe will caress your hand and seduce the eye with its sparkling appeal... Adjustable with toggle bar Length 24 cm / 9.44" Oval links width 1,5 cm / 0.59" Materials: light alloy, aluminium, zamak - nickel free
FILIGREE Eyewear Chain $75.00
Bohemian multi ring long chain designed with linked organic bronze circles. Elegant and unique, wears as glasses holder necklace too. Inspired by vintage sophistication with a contemporary twist... Length: 90 cm // 35.82"   Materials: Bronze, Rubber - Nickel Free
LUX Eyewear Chain $64.00 $75.00
Super glamorous eyewear chain to dress up your glasses with a juicy statement. Fashionable and functional, wear it as a necklace too to hang the glasses... Designed with two layers of shiny chains with two toned silver and gold contrast and nonslip rubber loops... Color: Silver & Gold bicolor Length: 82 cm // 32.28" Nonslip rubber loops Made in italy chains with mirror finish Materials: light alloy, zamak - Nickel Free
NEW! OPULENT Necklace $129.00 $151.00
Power and elegance meet in this necklace. Designed with an exquisite big twisted chain and delicate shiny falling fringes. High gloss metallic effect. Two toned gold and gunmetal with silver elements...   Designed using High-end Made in Italy chain Materials: aluminium, light alloy, zamak metal - nickel free


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