FORBIDDEN Necklace - Silver from €119,00
The ultimate metallic dream! Stylish and versatile long y chain necklace with hammered O-Ring and spike pendant at the bottom. Let the leash run long and free for a playful game of seduction or let it be the most glamorous fashion necklace you will ever wear. Wraps magically around your belly too. Length Woman:  97 cm / 38.19" Length Man: 107 cm / 42.13" Models are wearing: 97 cm O Ring: 4 cm / 1,57"  Very resistant Handmade with high end Made in Italy chains and metal hardware Materials: light alloy and sturdy aluminium, zamak metal - Nickel Free
DELUXE Body Chain Belt €289,00
PREORDER ONLY / 4 weeks processing time This glimmering and domineering body chain is for women who love to stand out for their individuality and strong fashion forward style. Handmade and composed by a multi-chain braided belt with a detachable harness. Multi-wear: wear the belt alone or with harness Belt Adjustable: 90 to 100 cm // 35.43" to 39.37 Designed with high-end Made in Italy chain with shimmering mirror finish Very strong and resistant Materials: strong aluminium, light alloy, zamak - nickel free.
MAGIC HOOPS Earrings €50,00 €69,00
Super long & glamourous large hoop earrings with long dangling chains.  These beauties will enrich every look with a statement! Hoop Diameter: 6 cm // 2.36" Earrings Length: 18 cm // 7.08 For Pierced Ears Sterling Silver Hoops Light Alloy Chains Nickel free
DESTINY Earrings - Green €69,00
These emerald green chain link earrings are designed with a very light weighted chain attached to a green Swarovski crystal stud post in a golden setting..  Earrings Length: 10 cm // 3.93"  - Width: 1 cm // 0.39" Featuring an intriguing contrast between the polished green enriched with golden details and the classical appeal of the Swarovsky crystals posts make these earrings unique and the ideal passepartout accessory to many looks and moods... For pierced ears Swarovski crystal stud post in a gold filled setting Surgical steel piercing Nickel free


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