Glamorous Fashion Futuristic Queen in Red & Green

A walk at the park & playful photoshooting with my dear friend Lena Quist... A glamorous and glittering futuristic queen in red and green...
Red Glamorous Stage Wear Lady Gaga Style

Bicolor statement necklace and earrings with green bodysuit lena quist

Lena Quist is wearing or new Statement Bicolor Chain Lariat with Fringe Earrings

A walk at the park with Lena Quist...


I was thrilled to have my dear friend Lena Quist modeling my new creations: "Forbidden" chain collar in Red and the bicolor gold and silver "Dainty Switch" y Necklace... with her futuristic stage wear... We are living in strange times and coronavirus forced us to be open minded and creative so why not using my brand  phone with top camera and have a spontaneous photoshooting? Needless to say it has been rather intriguing walking around in Berlin with Lena super glamorous and glittery wearing her Signature holographic Catsuit matching with my statement jewelery.

More to come.... 

Lena Quist Signature Catsuit with Finerblack Red Chain Collar

Lena Quist is wearing "FORBIDDEN" Chain Necklace with Long Leash matching with her Red Holographic Signature Catsuit... 


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