NEW! FANCY HOOPS Earrings $55.00
Fancy & glamourous hoop earrings with big dangling chain. Like a ray of light, the super glossy mirror finish of the chain will irradiate your face as well as the dance floor... Hoop Diameter: 3 cm / 1.18" Earrings Length: 8 cm / 3.14" Chain links width: 2 cm / 0.78" For Pierced Ears Stainless Steel Hoops Light Alloy Chains Nickel free 
MAGIC HOOPS Earrings $66.00 $77.00
Large & glamourous hoop earrings with long dangling chains.  These beauties will enrich every look with a statement! Hoop Diameter: 7 cm // 2.75" Earrings Length: 19 cm // 7.48" For Pierced Ears Stainless Steel Hoops Light Alloy Chains Nickel free 
SWITCH Earrings - Bicolor $88.00
All the glamour of bicolor, "Switch" Earrings feature two mismatched gold & silver chain earrings with Swarovski crystals stud posts.Long and sophisticated design for the ultimate runway look... The mismatched pair is composed by: Earrings Length: 14 cm / 5.51" One Silver earring with gold elements One Gold earring with silver elements For Pierced Ears Swarovski Stud Surgical Steel Posts Nichel & Lead Free
FILIGREE Earrings $88.00
  Elegant bohemian huge earrings designed with intertwined organic bronze rings. Inspired by vintage sophistication with a contemporary twist, wear them day and night, at work or to party, for an uncompromising fashion statement... Color: Gold Length:  16 cm // 6,30" Sterling Silver Hooks   Materials: Sterling Silver, Bronze
SOCIALITE Earrings $61.00
These charming long tassel earrings are long and dainty. Perfect for special occasions or for a glamourous every day look...The design features black dainty chains with golden elements attached to a onyx black Swarovski crystal stud post. Earrings Length: 14 cm // 5,51"  - Width: 0,5 cm // 0.19 For pierced ears Swarovski crystal stud post in a silver filled setting Surgical steel piercing Nickel free


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