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Due to the exclusivity of our products and materials, unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee availability of products. It can happen, for example, that special limited colors of chains might run out of stock permanently. We always take care to update the in-stock quantities of our products in our webshop. In the rare cases where the item ordered becomes unavailable or delayed, we will immediately notify you by e-mail or telephone. In this case, we will offer you two options: a full immediate refund via paypal or bank (processing time via Bank account usually takes up to 3 business days) or the possibility to purchase the same model in a different color.

I wanted to purchase a special color of necklace but the webshop says it is run out of stock. Will I be able to purchase it in the near future?
Some of our models are released in a limited number of copies due to the exclusivity of the materials. If a product is marked as “limited” we will not be able to guarantee its availability in the near future. If you are interested in a specific product of our limited editions please send an email to: specifying the name and product code. (If the product will be back or available again in a different fashionable color we will notify you immediatly via email).

The item colors looks slightly different from the photos (ex: shade of color of the chains, horns etc).
Our products are not made from a mass industrial production therefore the colors might slightly vary from the pictures and within the same production. This adds exclusivity to each jewel. In case of very visible variations from the original photos, we will notify you immediatly via E-mail.

I have seen one of your designs somewhere but I can´t find it on your webshop..
It might have been either a limited edition or sold out! Please contact us at providing the image of the product or the name and description and we will notify whetever or not it will be available again.

I love your stuff. What shall I do to get a custom work?
That´s great. Let´s talk! Do not hesitate to contact Alessia Flavia :

I am wearing your stuff and did a lot of cool photos, I would like to share with you..
We would love you to share with us! Send the photos to We will put the best ones on our facebook page:)

I have received a faulty item or a wrong item. What shall I do?
As soon as you open the package and detect the error/faults please contact us at . We will be happy to help and exchange your product.

I want to return or exchange this amazing jewel. How should I do?
So sorry to hear!Before returning the items please read carefully our RETURN and EXCHANGES Policy complying with the new EU Regulations since 13 june 2014. For any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us :

Is my Jewel Nikel Free?
Of course, we take care all materials to be nikel free

How do I take care of my jewel?
Do not shower with the necklace and treat it gently:)
With the time, as usual with jewellery, some part might be subjected to oxidation. You can either keep them so, as it will add a “antique touch” or polish them using very gently a nail buffer block or a special cream for metals.