LUX Set €170,00 €175,00
Metallic & luxurious!...Designed with sophisticated high gloss Made in Italy big chains with mirror finish.  This set includes: One Choker + Two Cuffs Choker & Cuffs adjustable with back rings Chain Links Width: 2 cm // 0,78" Choker Adjustable ca 39 to 44 cm // 15.35" to 17.32 Cuffs Adjustable ca : 19 to 22 cm // 7.48" to 8.66" Can be purchased as full set or just the choker and cuffs separately Materials: Light Alloy Metal Chains with mirror finish, Zamak metal hardware, Nickel Free
SUPER MATTE Set €169,00
Very distinctive, featuring one maxi choker with matching chain bracelets handcrafted with a big black matte chain with rubberized finish and silver detailing.  This set includes: One necklace + Two Cuffs Chain links width: 2,5 cm //0.98" Necklace Adjustable 40 to 48 cm // 15.74" to 18.89" Bracelets Adjustable 19 to 22 cm // 7.48" to 8.66" Length Made in Italy chain Materials: light alloy, strong aluminium, zamak, nickel free
MATA HARI Body Chain Set €189,00
Lure & get lured with a licentious aura of seduction! Chain your neck and wrists like a queen of ancient worlds... Inspired by sensual 20´s body chains & femme fatales, this ravishing body jewelry set is composed by a chain choker and two matching cuffs bound together by a detachable long backdrop long leash connector. The long leash will run flirtatiously along your spine and restrain your wrists with a playful allure.  Multi-Wear: Choker and Cuffs can be worn alone or bound  together Detachable bonding chain leash Leash connector detachable Choker and Cuffs adjustable Chain Links Width: 2 cm // 0,78" Choker Adjustable ca 39 to 44 cm // 15.35" to 17.32 Cuffs Adjustable ca : 19 to 22 cm // 7.48" to 8.66"
FORBIDDEN Chain Cuffs SET €109,00
The perfect match to our beloved "FORBIDDEN" Necklace for your kinky play... Designed with the same chain of Forbidden this cuffs set is very versatile and playful. The two cuffs come with a detachable leash.  Detachable Leash Leash Length : 37 cm // 14.56" Cuffs Adjustable: 19 to 22 cm // 7.48" to 8.66" Round Snap-Hook Closure Handmade with resistant Made in Italy materials Materials: Resistant aluminium, zink, nickel free
RISQUE Body Chain Set €229,00
This sexy set includes: One Choker + Detachable LeashSuper glamorous & playful body chain set inspired by 20s and exotic dancers body jewelry. Very versatile, the choker can be worn alone for a dazzling every day look or with the leash for a more secretive usage...  Designed with exclusive Italian chains with sparkle finish.Wear "Risque Set" as it pleases you the best... Enrich your daily attire with a touch of glam or go sensual with the full leashed look! Leash full length: 77 cm // 30.31" Choker adjustable : 39 to 44 cm // 15.35" to 17.32" Handmade with high-end Made in Italy chains & metal hardware Materials: light alloy chains, zamak metal hardware, Nickel free


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