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FINERBLACK is a high fashion collection of handmade statement jewelry and accessories for ladies & gentlemen, with a strong fashion forward aesthetic impact.The range includes: necklaces, chokers, elegant long leash fetish collars, bracelets, belts, brooches, hand-painted varnished flowers, and body harnesses. Each creation has an original and unique eye-catching appeal, giving life to any outfit and look with its  versatile use.

Creative - Edgy - Eclectic - Stylish ... Jewelry and accessories at the cutting edge of fashion, to live, play with and shine. Each piece is made of exquisitely unique high-end Made in Italy and german crafted materials for outstanding quality.

FINERBLACK has been featured in notorious and trendsetting fashion magazines like VOGUE UK & GLAMOUR UK and worn by influential bloggers like Olivia Emily.

FINERBLACK was born out of the desire to creative unique jewellery, jewellery that reflects the modern times with a touch of avant-garde. It was created with the intention of being worn by strong modern ladies and gentlemen: unique individuals. It reflects the desire to express oneself with a statement piece which is sure to catch the eye of those in the same room as the person wearing it. FINERBLACK is the label for all the ladies and gents who want to be daring and stylish, who wish to stand out from the crowd, who aim to be unique and classy individuals. A modern and powerful feeling synchronised with echoes of elegance and class, shiny chains and strong metallic colours, to rule the trends.

Its creator, Alessia Vitale, has gathered inspiration from all over the world in her many travels which include far Asia, most part of Europe and both Northern and Central America. The desire to know the world pushed Alessia out of her native city, Milan (Italy) to Berlin, where she currently resides, with a short passage through Mombasa.

As an archaeology student, she felt the allure of ancient jewellery, always dreaming of creating her own. This was merely a thought as her goals were much different during this period, however, this dream would definitely come back to haunt her. One day, while perusing in a shop, Alessia came across the most extravagant and high quality materials she had seen to the date, so she decided to try and put together a necklace for herself. The exuberance and uniqueness of this necklace immediately drew attention from her friends who asked her if she could make them one. She would refuse and focus all her attention in her 3D virtual fashion community in Second Life, where she developed the most unique and exclusive brand, VIOLATOR
For several years this was her creative outlet, but it was also what provided her with the incentive to step outside of her 3D designs and start creating her jewellery in, what we call, real life. Sometimes she would find a way to replicate her virtual designs in the real world, other times she would be confronted with the impossibility to do so. This only fueled that fire, that desire to create that was aching to come out.
Many months had passed since her first necklace was created, and with the requests for her exclusive and hand-made jewellery piling up, Alessia decided to give it a try. It was only when she had agreed to take the orders in and start creating necklaces not only for herself but also for others that she realised that she was fulfilling her long lost dream of becoming a jeweller: FINERBLACK was born.


The Designer and Owner: 

alessia flavia vitale - finerblack jewelry

Alessia Flavia Vitale Is a Berlin-based Italian designer from Milan, born in 1981. Trained as a digital artist, she is also a highly successful creator of the Violator(tm) label in the virtual ‘Second Life’ ™ world. Known as Soraya Vaher in Second Life, over five years she has developed a very successful innovative and trend setting digital fashion label with thousands of customers and fans where she is known for her avant-garde, haute couture and haute fetish designs.