FINERBLACK is a high fashion collection of handmade statement jewelry and accessories for ladies & gentlemen, with a strong fashion forward aesthetic impact.The range includes: necklaces, chokers, elegant long leash fetish collars, bracelets, belts, brooches, hand-painted varnished flowers, and body harnesses. Each creation has an original and unique eye-catching appeal, giving life to any outfit and look with its  versatile use.

Creative - Edgy - Eclectic - Stylish ... Jewelry and accessories at the cutting edge of fashion, to live, play with and shine. Each piece is made of exquisitely unique high-end Made in Italy and german crafted materials for outstanding quality.

FINERBLACK has been featured in notorious and trendsetting fashion magazines like VOGUE UK & GLAMOUR UK and worn by influential bloggers like Olivia Emily.


The designer and owner: 

alessia flavia vitale - finerblack jewelry

Alessia Flavia Vitale Is a Berlin-based Italian designer from Milan, born in 1981. Trained as a digital artist, she is also a highly successful creator of the Violator(tm) label in the virtual ‘Second Life’ ™ world. Known as Soraya Vaher in Second Life, over five years she has developed a very successful innovative and trend setting digital fashion label with thousands of customers and fans where she is known for her avant-garde, haute couture and haute fetish designs.

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