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What is Nft Crypto Art & Why I Find It So Intriguing...

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Orginal NFT Artwork by Soraya Vaher. 3d digital second life videogame art



The Nft Crypto Art Revolution



Ntf digital art is the latest trend. It became the talk of the town few months ago when The artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple  sold an NFT for $69.3 Millions. Since then several known artists like Damien Hirst as well as thousands of digital artist all over the globe are enthusiastically jumping into this new crypto venture.



But What is NFT Art Exactly?


The concept, when first explained might sound a bit weird although it is as simple. 

NFT means Non Fungible Token:  a cryptographic & non-physical asset on blockchain technology, with a unique identification code and metadata. This unique code distinguish each single NFT from the other, can not be replicated and most of all gives proof of ownership and ownership record for each passage of ownership. In substance is like buying high-end art in a famous art gallery having proof that you and only you have ownership over that rare piece  and so will be in case of an eventual passage of property. 



What Can Be Considered Nft Art?


Anything digital really: Whatever!  Digital art, 3d digital art, photography, music, a piece of movie, a piece of videogame, a podcast, excerpts from a book , a text, and why not even (oh yes?) A Tweet. Infact Twitter CEO  Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as an NFT for over $2.9 million dollars. 

NFT crypto art can be sold and purchased only using cryptocurrency Ethereum, which means that to get into the whole process and market you will have to follow some steps, open a crypto wallet and buy some Eth. I will get more in detail of the steps in the future posts. 


Dig deeper & learn the basics with these useful explanatory links :

 NFT Explained-Investopedia NFT Explained-The Verge , NFT For Photographer



What Makes NFT Cool For Digital Artists?


In my opinion the authentication process itself and the collectibles limited edition idea. NFT is based on the principle of ownership, collectibles, rarity and scarcity. 

NFT is now allowing digital artists all over the world to sell and monetize their unique art in limited copies with full authority on fancy (and less fancy) digital art galleries and marketplaces on the internet. The less the copies, obviously the more the value. By buying the property rights to the artwork, you are not buying the artwork itself, but its proof of authenticity.

Owning a unique piece of code in the blockchain seems to be incredibly valuable for collectors as well getting into cryptocurrency itself as a form of investment . Of course there will be several copies on the internet of the same artwork and anyone could easily get it, they won´t be the real owners. Same as to buy a fake Birkin bag rather than the original one or to take a picture of a Kadinsky in a museum. Can you say you really own the real deal? No.

Of course it might take a while to wrap the mind around the fact that, in time of such worldwide crisis, some investors are deciding now to throw millions of dollars for a piece of code using a cryptocurrency called (this name has something) "Ethereum" but that´s the wilderness of internet and so of art in general.


What I Find Really Inspiring: The Sense of Community & The Creative Hub


The more I am digging deep .. reading blog posts, following youtube videos etc in order to master the full process, the more I am noticing how the NFT revolution is giving sense, once again, to artists community like a big creative hub of sharing, learning, dreaming. I haven´t experienced anything like that since my times in the virtual world "Second Life" (tm).

Most of the sharing is happening, besides Instagram and Twitter, trough Discord chat servers from Marketplaces & Digital Galleries where thousands of artists are constantly chatting, discussing, learning. 

There are several marketplaces or call them also digital art galleries with distinctive vibes going on and specific artistic taste.. just to name few (for now):  very exclusive with a strict selection process for artists applying like : Superare or Known Origin Some other very huge and open to everyone like OpenSea or with a very distinctive underground feeling like MyBae ...

As an artist and online seller myself, I love to see and enjoy the eclectic and colorful mix of digital artworks from artists all around the globe, featured all together in a digital marketplace coexistent and well crafted aesthetic, rather then seeing them shattered as a solitary process around trough social media as it has been until now. The marketplace makes it tasty, dreamy and with a sense of exclusivity in communion.  


In Conclusion...


This post is meant to be informative and to give you a first idea of what NFT is and if that might be for you as an artist or, why not, as a buyer and investor too.  I tried to set my ego and artist persona aside until the very end not talking much  about myself...:)

Personally, as I always found the magic of the internet so inspiring and I love whatever is wild, niche and crazy enough... I decided to jump into this NFT venture / adventure with an open and light mind and see what it might bring, and most of all.. to enjoy the creative process and the learning curve.

All that said ... You can read more about my personal art project connected to my virtual 3d art HERE and I will now share with you a short teaser from my fresh new 3d NFT art. Don´t forget: You can watch it, you can share it, but to really Own it.. well you know how to do that now...



Keep Posted, More To Follow Soon.... 



Lady Soraya Vaher

IG: @sorayavaherviolator

TWITTER: @finerblack



From the Series: "THE GLAMOROUS & CYBERPUNK CHRONICLES OF LADY SORAYA VAHER" Original 3d artwork by Soraya Vaher. 2021

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