Sansa Stark Leash Necklace goes Cyberpunk

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Sansa Stark Leash Necklace goes Cyberpunk

  • person Alessia Vitale
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Sansa Stark Leash Necklace goes Cyberpunk

Sansa spike leash choking necklace slave collar  - Forbidden by Finerblack

“Forbidden” necklace has been one of my very first creations, back in 2007, and a long time beloved best seller. Featuring a minimalistic lariat shape, the unicity of this stand-out necklace lays in the refined ring, spike pendant and chain bound harmonically in a clean yet edgy design. Elegance, as much as the devil (as we know) is in details. Wear “Forbidden”, It´s wearing haute-fashion with a cyberpunk transgressive edge. This imperative necklace reminds of the most polished dark & urban science fiction with deep fantasy inspirations. I was impressed, when watching the last season of GOT, I could see a very similar version of that spike necklace on Sansa Stark. In more medieval shape: O-ring, a long leash and a finishing spike.

That might mean something, right?  Sansa Stark , the fallen lady, who has been victimized, overpowered and enslaved eventually gains her power back. She is again the lady of the castle, this time holding her own spike leash fiercely. Reminder of the struggles she has been trough, the leash now looks like an embellishing piece of armor, shielding her under elegant black. The chain leash itself, passing trough a ring means commitment to a current state of being and to self-awarness in general.

The symbolism of such jewel belongs to the realm of contradiction and opposite forces/ desires melting  harmonically in a design. A choking chain with leash and O-ring, symbol of enslavement owns an empowering finishing spike which has features in dragons and predator claws, which could be interpreted as a symbol of aggression and power.

This utmost fascinating duplicity, edging between deep commitment and licentiousness  is what I personally consider the most fascinating aspect of this necklace. Being both master and servant, holding your own chain or letting someone else grab it. Strong and playful fashion.

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