Flower Power Beachwear Look with Our Orchid Boho Floral Necklace!

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Flower Power Beachwear Look with Our Orchid Boho Floral Necklace!

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floral necklace boho beachwear

Your perfect bohemian hippie retreat beachwear look : floral necklace & bikini

During these unfriendly Covid times and the full package of restrictions coming with that I kept thinking more and more how living in a big city, without being able to enjoy the privileges and 360 degree options a city can offer, is almost going to be pointless and frustrating at the moment.

So the big city girl and fan I  have always been is converting to nature lover. Right now i really wish I was somewhere in Bali or Hawaii, or wherver tropical paradise enjoying a months long yoga retreat, lost into the wilderness of sea and nature and far from the world as we know it. 
Neverthless, I would of course pack my best bikinis and matching floral jewelry and accessories, as being stylish is and must be a state of being even when you get lost in the silence of nature!
boho flower necklace and miss bikini luxe bikini
Wearing our Orchid Necklace handmade with hemp rope & fabric flowers matching with a "Miss Bikini Luxe" bikini.
All handmade, this  flowery delicious handmade necklace is one of my signature design, combining hand twisted natural rope with fabric flowers and chain elements has been my very first experiment in creating accessories and jewelry about 15 years ago. 
This floral cascade necklace is a pure free floral fall of artistry with a luscious bohemian vibe. Echoing the wilderness of nature and the undying romaticism of floral elements, "Orchid" necklace is the ultimate complement to your bikini and beachwear summer look.
Hippie sophistication: the dark violet and orange orchids contrasts with the natural color of the treated hemp rope and falling leather string...These game of contrasts and colors is a killer with a tanned skin!
tropical  floral orchid necklace beachwear

Twist the rope around your wrist and you will get an amazing wild floral summer bracelet too

floral bracelet boho wedding

Here you can see how I matched this luscious floral accessory worn as a flower bracelet with our Link green long earrings & colorful rainbow monokini by "Rossodisera" during my last vacation in Ibiza...

beachwear floral look jewelry
And what about you? Do you fancy a stylish bohemian inspired retreat into the wild too?

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