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FORBIDDEN Y Necklace in Fuchsia Purple LIMITED EDITION !

  • person Alessia Vitale
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fuchsia purple long chain collar necklace westwood punk glam style

Perfect for Deep V neck dresses and blazers and for lovers of chunky jewelry...

Go London glam punk style with the lastest addition to the store! A long time favourite, The Forbidden long O ring chain collar with leash and spike is now available with a glamorous fuchsia purple color.

This beautiful sexy necklace will wrap around your neck like a snake with playful sensuality. Option to let the long leash run wild and free and get it pulled....  The contrast between the fuchsia chain and the dark gunmetal / or bronze O ring & spike is very elegant and unique.

Limited Edition color, available for few necklaces only. Which means once is sold out it might never be back in store or if yes, after a long time. So... If you are a purple lady, grab it now..before is too late!

glam punk purple chain collar

Handmade with high-end Made in Italy materials, Forbidden Necklace comes in several color variation and is a fan favourite. A very solid, durable and resistant piece of statement jewelry, often praised for its quality as well as design.

long leash purple fuchsia elegant slave bdsm collar



The sexy open leash Y shape allows infinite playfulness... can be wrapped around your waist and used as a belt too! This versatile statement necklace will be your ultimate partner in crime in your main adventures...
And... needless to say... a perfect gift for your beloved !

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