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Forsaken Necklace: Post-Apocalyptic Glamour

  • person Alessia Vitale
  • calendar_today
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post apocalyptic chain necklace and cuffs burning man
Forsaken Necklace

The necklace for dragon queens from forgotten planets and edgy warriors fighting  in wastelands in a dystopian future....

Daenerys, Sansa Stark(Got), Octavia (the 100), Furiosa (Mad Max) & Mad Max himself would defo love it and wear this post-apocalyptic unisex bold chain necklace....

As a science fiction and post-apocalyptic genre fan myself, I Can't stress enough how much I love "Forsaken" necklace. Super big and bold this heavy choke chain necklace combines post-apocalyptic, urban warrior, fantasy & sci fi elements in a unique design. The Gunmetal satin finish of the chain is exactly what makes this piece so timeless and reminiscent. This edgy claw necklace Could have been worn in the very past, in the far future or in another galaxy all together.
Like an artifact from a dystopian wasteland, or a slave market in a Star Wars planet this big bold statement lariat necklace is handcrafted with an evocative heavy chain with a vintage burnished satin finish, a tribal inspired hammered big disk & finishing claw pendant. Beloved jewel of dragon queens and tribal warriors, Forsaken Necklace is a strong and powerful piece of solid jewelry..
postapocalyptic chain claw necklace

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