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Welcome to The Garden of Eden...

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statement chain necklace and earrings green and gold
Green Chain Necklace with Swarovski Earrings
In Love with Green Statement Fashion Jewelry! 
I always love to find new colors for my Best Seller "Forbidden Necklace" to offer in Limited Edition quantities... Here comes one of my favourite - one of a kind - color variations of all times: FORBIDDEN Green & Gold 
This elegant yet edgy long statement chain necklace combines the luxury feeling of the gold O-Ring & Spike pendant with the bohemian emerald green chain in a modern design. Matching green chain earrings with gold finishing details and emerald green crystal Swarovski stud post.The luxe gold metal hardware is the latest super limited edition addition to the collection. Inspired by tribal shapes and elements, like the spike / claw and the O-ring with a strong futuristic luxury polished finish. like Stargate talismans from ancient yet technologically advanced civilizations in other Worlds planets...
I usually love Green as a color, besides my long time favourite: Black. 
Green jewelry and accessories have a special place in my heart for their bohemian and fantasy inspirations and also because they are rare and less mainstream that the usual metallic colors.. Green is after all the color of elven and nature goddesses as well as of princesses when it comes to emerald necklaces and tiaras. There´s no doubt, green jewelry has always been a protagonist of every lady´s closet...through centuries.

All that said .... This jewelry set is full of inspirations, the long green chain leash reminds me of a futuristic snake in the Garden of Eden... or I could easily see this jewelry set worn by a science fiction glamourous lady like "Chrisjen Avasarala" in the Expanse or the immortals in season 6 of tv show ."The 100" or "Miriam Bancroft" in Altered Carbon... 

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