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Dreaming Of a Limited Edition Iconic Red Necklace

  • person Alessia Vitale
  • calendar_today
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Dreaming Of a Limited Edition Iconic Red Necklace

All the Charm of The Red Statement Chain Necklace...

Behind a color or an object there is significance and specific symbolism. Let´s just think at the symbolism of the necklace itself, often used as religious and cerimonial symbol as well as emblem of high status and wealth. The chunky chain necklace is back on trend, true. Not that it never ever went off trend, by my taste anyway.

In today´s post color is protagonist tho: RED and Red Jewelry 

Red is a color known for its sensuality, power and passion. Color of the witches  ( think at Melisandre´s gold and red ruby choker in Got) but also often protagonist of Queens and Kings attire and jewelry. In our minds almost often immediatly associated to the preciousness of Ruby stone and corals, red Ferrari as well as sexy lipstick, femme fatale nails and vampires. Red is the color for exclusivity, sensuality and limited edition feeling. (Back in the days I even remember getting a "limited edition" Red Playstation!)...


.... and that´s exactly the feeling when it comes to Our "Forbidden" Necklace in Red. Sexy, sophisticated and limited edition. I bought only few meters of this high-end Made in Italy chain with both a red varnished finish and with a rubber red matte finish. Strong and glamorous with a total black look, this iconic red necklace is a real show stopper combined to sexy red lips and nails.

red matte gothic chain necklace

And here comes the red matte version... just amazing. This red chain collar has a gothic yet sporty chic touch. It´s also the fave necklace of some of my girlfriends who actually purchased their own limited copy as soon as I released it. You can see on my IG Page, how Lena Quist and other amazing ladies are matching and styling this red treasure:)


Statement Red chain earrings


Necklaces, sure, but not only.... For earrings lovers... These long bold statement earrings are designed with the same red high-end chain attached to a Swarovski crystal ruby red stud post. I love the combination between the contemporary chain with a modern ferrai red finish and the vintage golden age style of the Swarovski stud. 

 So what to say more... If you are dreaming of an exclusive iconic piece, these red treasure are for you...



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