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In Love With Forbidden

  • person Alessia Vitale
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luxury bdsm dog chain collar



Undeniable evidence: very few people can resist playing and pulling a chain leash.

My Best Seller, "Forbidden" Necklace is best seller since a very long time and for a reason. This super sexy chain collar is very versatile and handmade with premium Made in Italy chains and metal hardware. Choking O ring design with finishing spike pendant. A modern punk rock version of Sansa Stark´s famous leash necklace. Although I must say.. I did create and sell this necklace it before it was ever seen on GOT. The long chain can be wrapped around the neck and you will have a bold statement piece embellishing your every day look or the chain can be let run long for a secretive kinky usage... Additionally it could also be worn as wrap chain belt too. 

"Forbidden" Necklace comes in several colors and limited editions variations.

Some colors are available in very few quantities and might never be back in stock. ... But fear not ....There is always a fresh new limited edition color for your inspiration...


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