Statement Super Long Earrings Love, Cocktail and Soiree Sultry Shoulder Dusters...

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Statement Super Long Earrings Love

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Long Swarovski Cocktal Drop Earrings

Long Stud Cocktail Earrings with Swarovski and Chains

"Cocktail" Long Stud Dangle Earrings

One of my favorite long chain earrings to wear...  The dainty dangling black chain is embellished with Swarovski crystals pendants for a sophisticated cocktail look.... One of a kind design featuring a contrast between theblack dainty chain and the crystal clear cubic zirconia .


Long Statement Gold and White Hook Earrings


"Soiree" Extra Long White Shoulder Dusters 

Super long and sexy, these sultry white and gold fringe earrings are the perfect complement to your evening summer look. Elegant hook tassel earrings with a hippie chic touch...

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