Summer Earrings Love .... Our Statement Long Blue Swarovki Earrings

Summer Earrings Love .... Our Statement Long Blue Swarovki Earrings

by Alessia Vitale

Blue, Turquoise & Gold Statement Swarovski Earrings for your Glamorous Summer ...

Summertime glamour... All the dream of sea colors... "Turquoise" blue & gold earrings  are elegant and sophisticated... designed with turquoise, aquamarine and capri blue Swarovski crystals in a golden frame,  these long statement earrings will enrich your glamorous summer look ... 

Designed for you with different styles: symmetrical extra long earrings, asymmetrical earrings & short teardrop earrings...

Long Aquamarine Blue Swarovski Earrings

Super Long Shoulder Dusters Style: The glimmer of the Swarovski cubic zirconia gives an high-end allure to these long and symmetrical blue earrings... Match them to an elegant evening dress for the ultimate killer summer night..

Earrings Length: 15 cm / 5.90"

Asymmetric Blue & Gold Swarovski Earrings

or ...Go Edgy with a Mismatched Style... "Turquoise" Asymmetrical Earrings will be the sultry accessory to your evening pool party monikini look...

Earrings Length:
Long Earring: 15 cm / 5.90"
Short Earring: 5 cm / 1.96


Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Gold Earrings

or ... Teadrop Stud Earrings Style... go discreet and elegant ... with a touch of Cleopatra egyptian futuristic style...

Earrings Length: 5 cm / 1.96"

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