Coming Soon.. VETRINA MILANO Capsule Collection...

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Coming Soon.. VETRINA MILANO Capsule Collection...

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Coming Soon.. VETRINA MILANO Capsule Collection...

COMING SOON! A New Project in collaboration with fellow designer Paola Beatrice Ruffini: VETRINA MILANO

VETRINA MILANO is a luxury Capsule Collection of Handcrafted one piece only high fashion statement jewelry and accessories

long black fringe collar necklace bohemian hippie amazonian

AMAZON´S FALL Black Fringe Necklace with Green Details, this super long statement choker necklace has a bohemian hippie allure...


Each collector piece is uniquely designed with artistry by Alessia Flavia Vitale & Styled by Beatrice Ruffini and can´t be replicated, which means you and only you will own it in the entire World.  Each jewelry piece has a story, an inspiration, a meaning, a unique name.

Born out the idea of giving a "New Life" to our huge wardrobe and showroom unique photoshooting glamourous pieces by reinterpreting forms and materials in new designs as well as offering vintage pieces designed by other high-end bijoux italian designers.

Of course I will post  more, introducing you piece to piece to our unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings & body chains! Here´s just a sneak peek....

statement Rigid choker drop necklace futuristic
NUIT D´ORIENTE Rigid Collar Choker with long pendant. This detailed silver and purple necklace has an exotic yet futuristic charm...
More to come soon! 

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