MAGIC Eyewear Chain $75.00
Super glamorous black sparkle eyeglasses chain to dress up your glasses with a juicy statement. Features two falling chain tassels . Fashionable and functional, wear it as a necklace too to hang the glasses... Designed with two layers of shiny chains with two toned silver and gold contrast and nonslip rubber loops... Color: Black sparkle Length: 95 cm // 37.40" Nonslip rubber loops Made in italy chains with mirror finish Materials: light alloy, zamak - Nickel Free
FORBIDDEN Necklace - Black Matte from $140.00
Our best seller designed with a unique metallic chain with black rubber finish. Satin touch! Let the leash run long and free for a playful game of seduction or let it be the most glamorous fashion necklace you will ever wear. Wraps magically around your belly too. Length Woman:  97 cm / 38.19" Length Man: 107 cm / 42.13" Models are wearing: 97 cm O Ring: 4 cm / 1,57"  Light weight but very resistant Handmade with high end Made in Italy chains and metal hardware Materials: light alloy and sturdy aluminium, zamak metal - Nickel Free
PREORDER! CROSS Body Chain $221.00 $314.00
SOLD OUT! PRE-ORDER - 3 Weeks Waiting Time Chained up with an edge! This bondage body chain has a body cage structure and is designed with an exquisitely unique metal chain with black rubber finish - satin touch. The black chain wraps around the body attaching to a silver choker. Silver polished claw pendant attached at the bottom. Choker Adjustable: 39 to 44 cm // 15,35" to 17,32"  Chest Row Adjustable:  95 to 105 cm // 37,40" to 41,33" Belly Row Adjustable: 100 to 112 // 39,37" to 44,09" Central Length: 46 cm // 18,11" Handmade with high-end Made in Italy chains and metal hardware. Materials: light alloy, aluminium, zamak - Nickel Free
BULLETIN Necklace $86.00
This sophisticated necklace with an urban allure features an exclusive metal chain with rubber finish - soft satin touch with attached a polished silver claw pendant. ON SIZE- Chain + Snap-Hook Length : 53 cm // 20,86" Materials: light alloy, aluminium, zamak - Nickel Free
SOCIALITE Earrings $60.00
These charming long tassel earrings are long and dainty. Perfect for special occasions or for a glamourous every day look...The design features black dainty chains with golden elements attached to a onyx black Swarovski crystal stud post. Earrings Length: 14 cm // 5,51"  - Width: 0,5 cm // 0.19 For pierced ears Swarovski crystal stud post in a silver filled setting Surgical steel piercing Nickel free
NEW! ODALISQUE Cuffs Set $140.00
Playful gypsy style bracelets with hanging chain links. Indulge in the gentle noise of the cuffs moving with your hands... Handmade with black and grey/blue glittering chains.  Includes: Two cuffs Adjustable 16 to 24 cm / 6.29" to 9.44"   Width links: 1 cm / 0.39" Length hanging links: 3 cm / 1.18" Materials: aluminium, light alloy, nickel free


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